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OSRS Hunter Guide For Beginners

Jul 25

The Hunter Skill is one of the more complicated non-combat skills in OSRS, but it offers some wonderfully fun adventures and objectives. Because this skill requires you to hunt around different areas for creatures that roam freely, there are many methods used by players who have reached level 99 without any issues whatsoever. We've created this OSRS hunter guide on how to get your Hunter cape so take these steps with our help!

OSRS Hunter Power Leveling

For these early levels, make sure to check out the Varrock Museum and Natural History Quiz. You can get them from the natural historians in town after speaking with Orlando Smith of which you must answer three questions correctly about each display to succeed.

If you’re an avid hunter and have access to the Fairy Ring transport system, use this code “akq” when prompted by transportation. You should be able to head over near Piscatoris Hunter Area at a slight inconvenience. Once there, just catch Copper longtails until level 15 - it'll take some time but with patience is worth it!

Head back to a bank and swap your bird snare for butterfly nets and jars, then head back to Piscatoris. This time, you’re looking for Ruby harvest butterflies - they spawn at ruby-gathering spots in the forested area of Yanille! Stand next to it and capture these colorful creatures; there's nothing else needed but patience. You can also try catching Barb-tailed kebbits if you'd like something more challenging than collecting pretty bugs.

This is personally my favorite part of Hunter training – kebbits! You’ll be in the Piscatoris area for the next 20 or so levels, so prepare to spend some time there. I brought a knife and 1000 OSRS GP with me - you might want to bring one too; it'll help speed up your hunting process. Kebbit bolts are optional but can make your life easier once you get them cut from logs using this chisel that's also an option if fletching isn't really what floats your boat.

Red Chinchompas are the way to go if you’re looking for a great profit and don't mind not having too much trouble. As most players know, chinchompa hunting is one of the greatest parts in Hunter skills because it has extreme value as Ranged trainers while being high on markets. You will want to complete Hard Western Provinces Diary tasks so that you can get access to Red chinchompa grounds before really getting into this method.

Recommended OSRS Items and Equipment For Hunter Training

  • A small fishing net
  • Bird Snare
  • Rope
  • Box trap
  • Butterfly net & Butterfly jars
  • Fair Ring Transport