Best RS3 Bosses for Beginners

Bosses are a major aspect of the game, but if you’re beginning your time in RS3 then odds are there might be bosses that seem too difficult for you. Luckily we have some low-level ones available to those new to the game! Here’s our list of the best and easiest boss fights in RuneScape 3 for beginners.

Before you start slaying these bosses, make sure you have enough RS3 gold with you as you will need that to acquire the necessary gear and items.

King Black Dragon

So, you want to take on the mighty dragon and get an epic reward? The first thing that I would recommend is having a decent set of armor. Something with some good defense bonuses will help tremendously because this beast has three different kinds of dragonfire.

The King Black Dragon hides in the shadows of Edgeville. If you are looking for a battle that is going to be tough, this one will surely deliver! When it comes to fighting him, there’s no better protection than a prayer from magic spells like Deflect Magic and Protect from Magic combined with super antifires – these items can really make all the difference when trying your luck against such an ancient boss monster!

Barrows Brothers

The Barrows pits players against six brothers from the Third Age, who come with special loot in the form of level 70 tank armor known as Barrow’s Armor. If we are going to get our hands on this armor, we need to defeat each brother.

The Morytania dungeon can be found northeast of Burgh de Rott if you have progressed through the game for a decent amount. If not, find it with Drakan’s medallion or upgraded games necklace that teleports you to the location.

Dagannoth Kings

This boss has three dagannoths, including Dagannoth Rex who is the most powerful of them all. You will struggle if you are not prepared for this scrap and luckily they can be taken down pretty easily with a group because they’re easy to get to as well!

To defeat the Dagannoth Kings, you need to employ some strategy. If all party members are melee fighters, then they should stand close together and attack Supreme until he dies before moving on to Prime or Rex. However, if one person is ranged-focused instead of a Melee fighter, that player would be better off attacking from afar while everyone else moves in for an easier kill with higher damage output by fighting within range of both bosses at once!

Kalphite Queen

The Kalphite Queen is what some people would call a high-level boss fight. It has three different fighting styles and can defend itself well, so be prepared for the challenge ahead of you! If you feel like your skills are ready to take it on again, head over to the Exiled Kalphite Hive in order to find this powerful creature waiting there just for

We need to head south. You’ll find the entrance of the lair before you reach Shantay Pass, but first, we must pass through Al-Kharid where I’m sure our foes will be waiting for us. Prepare yourself and make your way west down a hole in order to face this RS3 boss!

RuneScape 3 is a game that continues to grow with you. The challenges will get more fierce as your experience grows, and the foes are always getting stronger too so there’s no end in sight for what RS has in store!

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