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How to prevent water pooling and damage to your roll out awning

Feb 1

Roll Out Caravan Awnings are great. Easy and fast to put up, they create great outdoor living areas for both cooking and relaxing. However, damage due to bad weather is unfortunately very common, but not always necessary. With a bit of care you can both extend the life of your awning and reduce the likelihood of damage during bad weather. 

Here are our favorite quick tips for extending the life of your roll out awning 

1. Peg it to the ground.

When camping in a gusty area or if you think a bit of wind might be rolling in, pegging your awning roller bar to the ground will provide extra support. Many people use caravan awning rope clips for this purpose. 

2. Use de-flappers or an anti flap kit

By securing the vinyl section of your awning you can provide further support to the awning structure and prevent damage from flapping. Using an Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit also has the benefit of allowing the attachment of shade walls to stop wind gusting in. 

3. Caravan Rafters 

Caravan rafters are just that. They provide support to your vinyl awning. Helping prevent pooling and wind flap. Quick and easy to set up they have become an essential for caravaners. You can even hang your beach towel on them at end of a long day in the sun. 

4. Set your awning roller bar correctly in the first place.

Now this is one of our most popular tips. It is so simple and easy and one of the most over looked, next time you look around the caravan park you will notice how few people do this correctly and best of all its Free! 

Watch Steve show you how to set your roller bar to the three o'clock position and prevent water pooling and wind flap. Happy Caravanning! 


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