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Here are some ideas to assist you in getting your roof replaced during winter.

Jul 24


Usually, homeowners have their roofs repaired during the warmer months, anywhere from May through October. The roof can be replaced in the winter, but there could be some stumbling blocks during the installment, and up to months after the time when snow and ice begin to melt.

It is possible to replace your roof during winter?

If your roof has suffered serious damage from the weather or tree fall Some roofing companies may be capable of replacing it during winter. It is important to have a damaged roof to be replaced immediately or else you'll sit waiting until spring or even the summer which could cause more problems for you.


One advantage of having the roof replaced in winter months is that you'll be first in line. There are many contractors who are booked all year. Since they are able to work around the conditions, your roof will get the attention and time it deserves.

How cold is Too Cold?

For roofing to work correctly, materials need to be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The adhesive will not adhere to anything below 40°F. Nail guns and compressors utilized for attaching shingles can become iced up, and there's no airflow to ensure that the device functions properly in sub freezing temperatures. This is usually in the months of late October and early March, but can also happen earlier.


Why you should replace your roof in the summer months

Adhesives used to bind the asphalt roofing shingles to the roof are typically activated by sun's rays and also the atmospheric temperature. If the weather is cold, humid and cloudy days the adhesive may not function correctly. Affordable roof repair in San antonio texas will try to convince you to replace your roof in warmer months based mostly on this.


A trusted roofing company is the best option to replace your roof

You should leave the roofing repair to professionals. Roof leak repair in San Antonio Texas will likely be knowledgeable about how to replace it and also how to ensure it is done correctly first time.


While it is possible to perform roof repairs during Winter it is a risk and isn't easy. This is the reason why it is better to hire someone else. Expert contractors, like the pros, are accustomed to working on roofs during winter months, while most homeowners are not.


Install a premium roof to protect your home from the elements

We are at Shield Roofing, we are there to provide you with the best care for your roof during all seasons. To get a no-cost estimate on your house, contact us. We can offer you a quote and help you schedule an appointment as long as the weather is good, in case you're looking to have your roof replaced during winter.


You require a roofing company in San Antonio, regardless of the season. Call us or visit our website for more!


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