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How to fix or replace siding on your home

Mar 15

How to fix or replace siding on your home

Two main options are available for homeowners who realize their exterior siding needs serious attention. The first option is to have the siding fixed, depending on how bad it is. The second option would be to completely replace the exterior siding.

Round Rock Home Remodeling has provided professional Siding Services to the Round Rock and surrounding communities. We are sharing a few tips to help homeowners decide which option is best. These pros and cons also consider the urgency of a problem and the amount of money available to fund it.


Siding Repair Pros:

The longevity of your home's siding is the most important thing to ask before making a decision about whether or not to replace it. How long do plan to remain in your home? If your answer is more short-term than you think, then it's worth repairing your siding. This is also an excellent way to save some money. Additionally, the process of repairing your siding takes far less time.


Siding Repair Con's:

While siding repairs may seem like the most cost-effective option, there are other downsides. First, it can seem like you're trying to repair a larger problem. Although it can provide some protection, it won't be sufficient to cover the entire problem. The manufacturer does not recommend repairing as a permanent solution. A per sq. ft. cost for siding repair is also higher than for complete siding replacement. Per sq.


Let's go deeper with option Two. This is a complete replacement of the siding.


Complete Siding Pros:

Replacement siding is an option that homeowners can consider if they plan on staying in their homes for a longer time. There are several benefits to replacing siding instead of repairing it. Let's look at the exterior protection of your home. In addition, you have the option to redesign your exterior if the siding is removed. Replacing the siding will increase its market value and it will cost you less per square. The cost per square foot is lower than replacing the siding. Remember, complete siding replacements come with a lifetime warranty. This covers all workmanship and materials.


Completely Siding Replacement Con’s:

Project cost and the required time to complete the project are two of the potential challenges in choosing the siding option. Full replacement will likely cost more than simple repairs. But looking at it from the long-term makes this an excellent investment.


It is useful to know the pros and cons when replacing or repairing your home's siding. We'd also like to share some siding replacement and repair tips with homeowners.


Recommendations on Siding Repair

You should ensure that your siding is repaired in sections. If you want to avoid any future problems, start in sections. Furthermore, installation and material warranties are available. If the budget allows, the siding can still be used.


Ask the company carrying out the repair to inspect all siding areas. It is also a good idea to take several photographs of the moisture barrier and sheathing. This gives you an opportunity to check how siding looks in other areas. We recommend that you inspect the tops of all windows and doors. It is important to inspect windows, doors, and other sensitive areas, particularly if they don't have metal flashing.



We would recommend homeowners choose to replace their siding completely in an ideal world. First, you have the assurance that your home is well-maintained for many years. Your siding installation is more cost-effective than replacing it. The siding installation specialist will offer you a premium warranty and you can get a better deal on the materials. Finally, you receive an exterior inspection that includes a detailed assessment of your home and an assessment of any mold or sheathing decay. This is a good indicator that you have potential problems in regards to exterior protection.


Whether you decide to replace your siding or repair it, investing in your exterior protection is always a smart decision.


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