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Solar Myths We're Ready To Throw In The Bin

Jan 17

The downside of being able access instant information on the go whether through social media sites or that handy Google thing - is that there is a lot of misinformation out there. This is a frequent issue in the field of renewable energy. There are numerous myths and skeptics about solar power. The issue with this is that these myths could be an enormous influence on the consumers who don't know otherwise.

This article will expose some of the most commonly-repeated myths about solar power in Australia. We'll endeavor to dispel these myths and sort them out from myths and myths to the truth.

Myth The solar panel is more expensive

One of the most well-known solar lies is that people claim to have solar power systems but they have extremely high charges. Modern solar panels are extremely efficient, so you shouldn't be forced to pay excessive electricity bills. The only reason that is reasonable to be the case is if the solar system you have is damaged or you suddenly installed the pool (or a few dozen air-conditioners).

Myth: There are too many negatives surround the price of solar power

It's basically a trifecta of complaints. They are often grouped together as grumbles about Arizona 's pricey solar energy installation. Then there's the unbelievably common idea that they're not great on sunny days and the fact that energy storage is expensive in Australia.

Let's look at these three claims.

Solar installation costs are too high: The average cost of installing residential solar panels in Phoenix is $5100. However having an expert on your side - such as us - will ensure that you get the best possible bang for your buck.

There's also a range of incentives available in every state and territory, such as rebates as high as $1850 and interest-free loans. In addition, with the STCs that are available you can also get rebates as high as $4000. The system will be paid for within 6 to 10 years, even when you buy it for full price.

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Panels do not work in the event of a cloudy day. Your solar system will still draw power indirectly from the sun even on a cloudy day and rain will wash off dirt and dust to improve the efficiency of your system. There are storage options for batteries accessible even if it's dark outside.

It's not as expensive Low-profile batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall can be purchased at a price of $800 for kWh. These prices continue to fall and the technology continues to improve, plus there's increasing competition to deliver more efficient solutions.

Myth The idea that making a solar panel will leave a bigger carbon footprint

This is where we go into the real world of naysayers where those who support fossil fuels grasp at straws in order to discredit the risk of renewable energy sources. Some think they're intelligent by claiming that solar panel installation manufacturing, transport and production have a negative impact on the environment.

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