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Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter by following these steps

Dec 25

Winter is in full swing It is the perfect time to get your overhead doors ready for colder weather. Whatever the material your door is constructed of, it is essential to take care of it and keep it in good condition to avoid costly repairs. Preventative maintenance and regular inspections will improve the efficiency of your house garage doors in Greensboro NC as well as ensure smooth operation. Here are some guidelines to get your garage door ready for winter.

Lubricate the moving parts

Door components such as springs and rollers can become stuck to the tracks during extreme conditions of snow or cold and prevent doors from opening. To ensure that you don't require a lot of force to operate your steel garage door that too in the cold seasons, you should consider lubricating each moving part with high-quality lubricants.

Replace the Weatherstrip

Weatherstrips are generally installed at the bottom of the door and wear out more often than other elements. They function as a seal between the garage door and its external environment. The weather strip plays a crucial role in preventing the garage from becoming cold or wet. If you notice that your door's weatherstrip is cracked or worn out take it to get it replaced immediately.

Make sure you check the Door Switch

Winters can cause moisture damage to your door, keypad as well as wall switches. The moisture causes your external switch not to function as you would like it to. This means that the battery for your keypad or switch can be depleted quickly, which can cause your door to operate. It is crucial to replace the batteries for your keypad before you leave the garage.

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