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Top Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away

Nov 26

Top Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away

Cockroaches as well as spiders, termites, and ants can spread disease. The best way to rid your home of these pests is to hire a pest management Olympia WA professional. Here are 10 top pest control tricks and tips to help keep the bugs away.


These are the top 10 pest control tips.

By Bug Chief Olympia


1. Maintain a clean kitchen.


Pests thrive in moist, filthy environments. Pest invasion can be avoided by keeping kitchen surfaces, shelves, stovetops, and drawers clean. Regularly wipe them with a disinfecting cleaner. Insects can also be attracted to food particles that are left out open. This method of controlling pests will not eliminate all your infestation, but it will greatly reduce the number of pests living in your home. Pest control should be taken seriously if your home is to become infested soon again.

2. Clean your bathroom


Most pest control advice regarding apartments does not include bathroom pest management. The same rules apply to bathrooms. A clean, dry bathroom should be maintained. You can clean your toilet with a toilet cleaning product every other day. The sink should be cleaned at least once per week with a heavy-duty toilet cleaner. A shower curtain that is not mossy and dry should be used. You should ensure that the drain is clear of hair, soap particles and that it is covered at all times. These little steps will make your bathroom cleaner and more pest-free over time.


3. You should not allow water in a container.


Stable water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Clear the area around your home. Make sure that your drains are clean. If you don't use the buckets in your bathrooms, dry them. It's the same for kitchen utensils. It is best to not place any vessel under a water-free AC conditioner. It is worth looking into alternatives, such as a pipe to move the water as soon it arrives.


4. Fruits and vegetables should not be left out for extended periods of time.


Overripe fruits, vegetables, and vegetables attract insects. You should not keep ripe and cut fruits out of the fridge for prolonged periods. While some pests, like a fruit fly, can be easily controlled, larger pests such as roaches and house flies can thrive on rotten fruits.


5. Make sure garbage is taken out on a regular schedule.


Cleaning the kitchen after pest treatment is a common question. But it's really quite simple. Garbage disposal is a must. Garbage should be disposed of every day. Garbage accumulation could lead to rodent, rat, and cockroach infestations. This can be exacerbated if you find food particles everywhere. This can result in disease transmission especially if you have small children or pests.


6. Keep your garden in good shape.


If you have grass or a garden, fill in any pits or holes where water can collect. If you have an outdoor water fountain, it is important to maintain it. You can prevent plants from growing wild and bushy. You can avoid pests such as rats, mosquitoes, and ants by keeping your yard clean.


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